TCG St. Louis


Theatre Communications Group National Conference


St. Louis, MO


June 15, 2018


Trusting Your Intuition: A new Creative Approach to Visual Story Telling and Character Design

In our digital day and age, we have become masters of processing an overwhelming flow of diverse external information, and creating work that appears to be personal and unique. But what if instead of relying on the outside world as a source for inspiration, you were to look within yourself for creative impulses and fully engage the most powerful source in nature - the creative human mind? This workshop explores tools to crystalize emotions, thoughts, impulses and ideas into a visual form by connecting participants to their intuition and imagination. Attendees will develop skills to respond visually to theatrical sources (like text, music, etc.), and create visual character designs, without overly relying on external research. While this workshop’s focus is visual storytelling, the tools involved can be used in all aspects of collaborative theatre making. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to help rewire our creative impulses, redevelop our senses and revitalize our creative process. Theatre artists from all different disciplines, interests, abilities and backgrounds are encouraged to participate and bring their own perspective. The collaborative and playful environment of the workshop inspires artists to harness their creative potential and reveal their inner visual dramaturge and visual playwright.