Big Love

'Big' on laughs, bigger on message
OC Register, by Eric Marchese

«Irina Kruzhilina costumes the sisters in outrageously designed wedding gowns, while the three grooms wear tuxes with outsized shoulders, tails, cuffs and bow ties, in a black-and-white scheme emphasizing the script's concept of polarity»

Big fat Greek wedding meets runaway bride – Northern Lights, by Anne-Margret Bellavoine
«Nothing is ever clearly one or the other, the black and white extremes emphasized by Irina Kruzhilina' stunning costuming with its King Ubu-like grotesque geometrical designs.»

Big Love – Back Stage West, by Eric Marchese
«Director Jocelyn A. Brown’s staging is lively and brimming with energy. Its black-and-white color scheme for costumes (Irina Kruzhilina) and set underscores the theme of polarity»
Sideways Stories from Westside School

School Daze – OffOffOnline, by Lauren Snyder
«Irina Kruzhilina's costumes combine swatches of brightly patterned material to create an entirely new sartorial language. Her pieces are a mash-up of rural Sunday best, bolts found in the sale bin at a fabric store, and Seussian architecture. It's a credit to Kruzhilina's talents that one can see a pattern (ha-ha) in her designs, when the characters could have been less creatively dressed in old clothes that had a few sequins here or an extra leg sewn on there.»