Irina Kruzhilina is a New York-based costume designer for the performing arts. Her work has been shown all over the world, from the Disney Animal Kingdom to Times Square, from Brooklyn Academy of Music to the National Theatre in Prague, and from Avery Fisher Hall to the Barbican Center in London. Ms. Kruzhilina designed costumes for dozens of theatre, dance, opera, puppetry, and performing arts installations. She has collaborated with acclaimed directors such as Doug Fitch, Lars Jan, Mabou Mines, David Chambers, Ruth Margraff, Else-Marie Lauvik, DNA works and SCRAP performance group. Recent productions include the under water performance installation ‘Holoscenes’ for Early Morning Opera at Times Square and Miami Art Basel, a new nighttime spectacular 'Rivers Of Light’ at the Disney Animal Kingdom and 'Orphic Moments' at the Salzburg Landestheater. A native of Moscow, Russia, Ms. Kruzhilina is dedicated to connecting Western and Eastern European theatre through international collaborations. As an educator, Ms. Kruzhilina developed the "Inside-Out" design method that she teaches at institutions, congresses and conferences throughout the world. She is a member of the International Theatre Institute and a Chashama resident.

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